Monday, February 20, 2012

Mother-Daughter weekend

Daughter Jenn received a Birthday & Christmas gift certificate to the Peaks of Otter Lodge. She could have asked any one of her numerous friends to join her, but instead, she asked me! She chose to make it a Mother-Daughter weekend outing. I was honored! She even planned the outing with things I like to do. Things like photo opportunities to practice with my camera, antique & flea market browsing in Bedford, and time spent walking and hiking...just enjoying the outdoors. Saturday was a warm (for February), sunny day to do just that! 
The Peaks of Otter Lodge consist of a main building, with a dining room view of Abbott Lake, and  the Peak, and three, two story units, each with a view of  Abbott Lake, and the Sharp Top Peak.
This is a view of the lodge units from the loop trail on the other side of Abbott Lake:

To get to the lodge, we took the scenic, Blue Ridge Parkway route. That is we took it as far as we could go, before encountering a road closure, and having to back track to the nearest exit.
One of our stops along the Parkway, was Otter Lake:

Which included this man made water fall:

A view of the Sharp Top Peak from the loop trail around Abbott Lake:

The Loop Trail around Abbott Lake:

We also took a hike up the 'mountainside' to the Johnson Farmstead. The house was closed for the winter, but we were able look around outside:

After enjoying dinner at the lodge dining room, we retreated to our room for the night.
But we were not alone. We discovered that we were sharing the room with stink bugs! By the time the lights were turned off, we accounted for nine... two dead, five evicted, and two on the ceiling out of reach.

While Saturday was sunny and mild, Sunday morning was cold and snowy.Before checking out, we enjoyed a window side view of the snow fall while eating breakfast at the lodge. ...Jenn probably enjoyed it more than I did, as I was somewhat anxious to be on our way before the roads became snow covered.

It was a most enjoyable weekend spent with my daughter!

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