Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daffodils in February

We are a month away from spring, but due to a mild winter and warm sunny days of late, my daffodils are starting to bloom. It's too early for daffodils!
In my opinion, the only way to enjoy daffodils in February is to bring them indoors as they open up.

The day after I brought these daffodils indoors, the temperature dropped, the wind blew, and snow flew about.

I am also experimenting with indoor hyacinths. Around the first week of January, I acquired some clearance priced hyacinths. At that time, the ground was frozen, and it was too late to plant outdoors. However, the price was excellent, and I got a 'I would like to try them indoors' urge. So, I'm experimenting. My inspiration was seeing, (at a store in the area), a hyacinth bulb in a small clear hour glass type vase being grown in water. Which got me to thinking that I already have vases that I like better, and could use decorative rocks to keep the bulb out of the water. So, I ever so gently placed decorative rocks in the bottom of the vases, placed the bulbs, and added water, so that  it barely touched the bottom of the bulbs until they took root. Now only the roots are under water. 
My discovery so far is that I should have kept them in cold storage longer, ...and perhaps treated them at that time with a little bloom boost fertilizer. Also, they do best placed in a south/east indoor location, where they receive the most direct sunlight.

All in all, I am enjoying the experience, and will probably try this again.

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