Friday, December 2, 2011

planting bulbs

It was the last week of November, while Thanksgiving was being celebrated, and Christmas preparations were under way. That time of the year when the buzz words were 'Black Friday', and 'Cyber Monday', I found myself planting spring bulbs. I hadn't planned on planting any bulbs this fall, but while shopping for mundane household stuff, I took a detour to the garden center to browse in the Christmas shop. A look about to see if there was anything out of the ordinary being offered this year, and check for decorating ideas. I didn't find anything all that  exciting. However,  instead of exiting, I found myself drawn to the non Christmas section. There it was. The spring bulb display with clearance price tags! Wow! Packages of bulbs that retailed for $6.98 were marked down to $1.75.  Hummm...the planting time range is from October to November for our area, and it was still November with nice fall weather.  The temptation was too much!

Time to plant! It was a wonderful therapeutic afternoon spent digging in the dirt.

All the packages came with this 'Guaranteed To Grow' label. Of course that is only if those small printed details on the back are followed. Hopefully, planting the correct depth, amending my poor soil, and using a bulb fertilizer will bring good results come spring.

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