Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A fall adventure in West Virginia

Happiness is... having a friend with whom you can enjoy shared  interests.
Sharon is such a friend. We enjoy getting together for lunch, and various
kinds of outings...especially where we can play with our cameras.
Back in August, we decided on an outing to Blackwater Falls in West
Virginia, to enjoy the fall foliage at its peak color. Yesterday was a day
that suited us both. The weather forecast was calling for a cool day in
the forties, cloudy, with an occasional light rain. No problem...we would
dress in layers for warmth, and not having a sun to cast shadows might be
a benefit.
Early in the morning our fall adventure started out every promising...
The distant views were a bit hazy...
But quite colorful up close...
So onward we traveled...
Surprise!!! Snow flurries on top of the Allegheny Mountain...just small snow flurries
...no stopping us.
At Canaan Valley the snow flurries became big snow flakes,with the temperature
hovering at thirty-six degrees. 
No turning back for us...onward to Blackwater falls we headed.
Walking along the trail with a light snow falling...
The boardwalk down to the falls...a little slippery...but no stopping us.
Taking pictures of the falls...playing with our camera settings.

Looking more like winter wonderland than fall...
Our outing went like this... :)  This picture of Sharon pretty much tells the
story of our Blackwater falls adventure in the snow.
Traveling toward home after a fun day.

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  1. It was a day that seemed to be tailor-made for us! Enjoyed the photos!