Monday, August 9, 2010

More on grass

This time last year we were surrounded by red clay dirt, and weeds, waiting for the day we could plant grass. That day finally came the 3rd week of November. Then it was a question whether it would sprout, and become established before winter. It did, but we had a harsh cold, snowy winter, and I wondered if our young tender grass would survive it. Thankfully, it did survive, and in April I had tall lush green grass that needed to be mowed. But then came the hot summer sun, and drought, and our grass turned brown and crunchy. I will note at this time that we are not set up to irrigate the lawn. Besides, my time and energy was spent trying to keep our young trees and shrubs alive. Our poor eight month old grass has taken so much abuse! It has endured being planted late in the fall in poor soil conditions, a harsh winter, and a summer drought.

Amazingly, thanks to recent rain showers, our grass is green again!

It is said that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I say, perhaps so, ......but I have noticed something in our lawn that the neighboring lawns do not have ....

That's right ---weeds!  And not just a few, but...

lots of them!  So it is.  But, I will be thankful that there is grass in with those weeds. and hope for better years ahead with some weed control efforts.

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