Friday, August 27, 2010

Hummingbirds at my place!

 I tried for years at the farm to attract hummingbirds with little success. I established a hummingbird habitat, and tried different feeders, but all I could get was an occasional hummer.After moving here, being out in the open and not having any habitat, I didn't see how I could possibly attach any hummingbirds. Yet,. after visiting Dad, and enjoying the hummers there, I wish so bad that I could. Then, three days ago, there it was --- staring me in the face---the hummingbird feeder.  All I had to do was make the nectar, and take the shepherd pole out of storage and set it up. It would be that easy, and only minutes to accomplish. I decided,  nothing ventured --- nothing gained. So, I did , but with the attitude that the only thing I was going to attract was ants.

After setting it up, I went back in the house with little hope. But, for what ever reason, I  glanced out about five minutes later-- surprise! There was a hummingbird!

Two hours later --- two hummingbirds!  In less than twenty four hours,  there were three. Then, this morning, and again this evening there were five!  Five hummingbirds within thirty six hours! Am I excited or what.

Oh, --- on the day that I set up the feeder,  this bluebird paid a visit. For about a minute or less it was perched on the pole, while a hummer enjoyed nectar from the feeder. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera in hand, but then some moments are just meant to enjoy.
A bluebird of happiness. How appropriate! 

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  1. Wonderful to see you have hummers!! Great pics. I've deleted lots of hummer pics. I have to focus my camera on the spot where they will be because it won't focus on that small moving object!! Or by the time it does, the bird is already gone.