Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vegetable garden

One of my projects this spring has been the planting of a vegetable garden... that is a mini vegetable garden!  The soil here on the hill is so poor , that Daryl first had to haul in topsoil. Which I tilled ---and tilled---and tilled---in with the existing dirt.

...and more to be unearthed!

Yet, in spite of poor soil that needed to be mended, and rocks...

My mini vegetable garden so far is doing OK.  For weed control, I put down plastic and straw up around the plants. The question is ... will the straw stay in place, or will the wind blow it away? Big question! Always before it stayed in place, but then, I have not experienced winds like we have here on the hill. If it is still there come fall, I plan to remove the plastic, and till in the straw.

Anchoring the plastic...

Rabbits!   I like rabbits, living and otherwise,...but concrete rabbits are the only kind  I want in my garden.  I made these fifteen stepping stone rabbits  an number of years ago when I was in a crafty mood.

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