Sunday, June 6, 2010

Personalizing space

On the day we moved in, daughter Jenn made the comment that our old furniture and stuff made our new house feel old. LOL I like old furniture and stuff! ~I especially like things that have been passed down in the family. It makes a house feel like home, and gives it personality.
One space in need of  personality, was the blank wall above my desk.  It needed to be something that I could enjoy looking at from day to day,~ something that would bring a smile to my face,~ and all the better if  I could use what I already had.  After months of living with a blank wall, and discarding one idea after another...

an idea started to take shape. An idea using left over light fixture chain, eye hooks, binder clips, (after all, it is an office), old family photos, and a scanner and printer connected to my computer.
                                                               The one purchase...

...vinyl lettering.   I have seen vinyl sayings displayed on walls, and thought.."that would be fun to try"...some day. 

I located this saying, 'Family..a journey to forever' at Michael's. Perfect for my 4 generations of family photo display!   Being in possession of one of their 40% off coupons, that some day to try was now. However, I will say that before trying, I read the directions carefully, and  watched video tutorials on how to do it. Then I proceeded very slowly, ---measuring,positioning, and  leveling,~ and remeasuring, positioning, and leveling. I found it to be easier than I thought it would be, but I'm glad I watched the video tutorials and proceeded slowly. 

I thought the chain ends needed a little something, and this is what I had...

For now it will do.  I can always change the photos and play around with it without much effort.   Most importantly it personalizes my space, transforming a blah blank wall into a cheerful display.

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