Monday, March 30, 2009

Wood Framing arouond Windows and Doors

Much has been happening since I last posted. The hardwood floors are now in place - (complete,- except for sanding and a finish which will be one of the last things). The tile man has been in the process of laying tile in the bathrooms, and laundry/utility room. He has completed most of the work, except for the half bath, and grouting the laundry room. I have been busy priming wood trim, and baseboards -(my excuse for not posting). I managed to get most of it primed before they started putting it up. It is definitely much easier to prime before it goes up! The building crew,in just a few work days, has made good progress trimming the windows and doors, and putting down baseboard. I am now in the process of puttying nail holes on the wood trim they have put up,(getting it ready to sand and paint). Also, tomorrow I start painting doors. Hopefully I will be able to paint them before they go up!

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  1. Time to update your blog, Bea? :)

    Jenn said you've been crazy busy, so I suppose that explains the lack of posts! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you! :)