Sunday, March 15, 2009

Painting and Floors

L's bedroom.

On Monday Feb. 23rd the sealer was sprayed on the ceilings. Then on Tuesday touch up on the drywall was completed. Finally on Wednesday, Feb 25th I started painting! That is, I started painting the ceilings, and putting the prime coat on the walls. A professional painter came on Thursday and painted the ceiling in the foyer, and started on the larger main floor ceilings. He also primed the foyer walls. He returned on Saturday and finished the living room ceiling. Finally on Saturday March 14th I finished all the painting I can do for now. It has been 2-1/2 weeks of painting ceilings, and priming walls- closets and all!
Other work happening on the house during this time include the installing of garage doors on Thursday February 26th, and on Friday, March 13th the builders started putting down hardwood flooring.

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  1. This is looking good!

    By the way, I haven't had a chance to tell you in person, but your son has been on my heart so much this week. Reading about what happened to him brought back memories of our own similar incident in Dec. 06. I thank God fervently for His hand of protection, and I pray for the continued recovery (mental) of all involved.