Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks photography attempt

Since moving here, I discovered that I don't need to leave home to view 4th of July fireworks...that is, if I'm content to view them from a distance. Three years ago there
were numerous displays all around.  With drought conditions the past two years, there
have been a lot less,...but still some to be viewed.  This year I decided to grab my camera, and try my luck at photographing the nearest ones. I say near...but they are still miles away.

Some interesting results...question marks?

A wing?

:) ...I think I need to study night time photography. The fireworks were so much more vividly colorful, and beautiful than I was able to capture with my camera. But, in my was my first attempt, a spur of the moment effort, and the fireworks were
miles away... (I don't have a location...but miles away).

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