Monday, May 28, 2012

The deer are nibbling at my plants

I am having a problem with deer. It is a first for me. In all the years that we lived at the farm, the deer kept their distance. I could plant whatever I wanted, ...where I wanted. Apparently those days are over.

The deer are fearless. They are coming up close to the house, to nibble at the Phlox.

The Mock orange that I acquired earlier this spring....

Now looks like this...

 I use the word nibble, because they are selecting to eat the flowers, the flower buds, and newest leaf growth. So far it has only been a set back. I haven't completely lost any plants or trees. However, last year this time only a few trees, and a shrub on the outer edges of the lawn were nibbled at. Anticipating a problem with deer away from the house,  Daryl placed protection around the trees he planted outside of the lawn. But, I didn't think the deer would be brave enough to come close to the house. Wrong! On the east side of the house, they are coming up to the patio. Also, I am discovering that the 'deer resistant' label is not 'deer proof '.
                                         ...Oh well, just another problem to deal with.

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