Friday, November 4, 2011

Summer into fall happenings

Time for an update!
 It was a busy summer.  Along with the invasion of grasshoppers that made it impossible to garden or enjoy any outdoor activity around here, there were a number of other frustrations and disappointments. But I choose to focus on the fun times and blessings!

A  fun outing with Sharon, a dear friend, included a close up encounter with this deer.

Then there was the most wonderful, big event of 2011  for our family. An event that took lots of planning and preparing for.

(photo of Lora & her Dad by Lora's friend  Morgan)
Daughter Lora's wedding to Matt on October 8th.

But first there were the bridal showers...this one hosted by the bridesmaids.
The yummy cakes were made and decorated by daughter Jenn, the Maid of Honor. She also made the cake stands with help from her Dad.

This wonderful wedding event took nine months of planning, with lots of last 'minute' things to do.
One of those tasks was making the centerpieces for twenty-seven tables. Lora wanted lanterns with candles, surrounded by flowers.
These, however didn't go quite as planned. Lora's colors were a vintage lilac-(lavender), Sage green, and Ivory. The plan was for the flowers to be a lavender colored lily. The florist showed us the most beautiful lavender lilies with cream edging, which we ordered. Unfortunately, the florist unable to get them, substituted white ones instead. A disappointment!  With light ivory tablecloths and sage green napkins I was planning on lavender colored flowers. But, with the wedding less than two days away, there wasn't enough time to find a lavender substitute. I had to overcome my disappointment and work with what I had.
Centerpieces aside, it was a warm, sunny October day, the wedding was beautiful, and all went well.

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  1. It was a beautiful wedding! Jenn did a good job on the cakes.