Monday, March 7, 2011

Blowing in the wind

Wind, wind, go away... and don't come back another day! Not unless you come to visit as a gentle breeze on the hot days of  summer. In the 20 months we have lived here, you have worn out your welcome. The only time you have not shown your presence is on those hot summer days.
....So it is....I add the wind as another challenge to living on a hill. ***vent...vent...vent...change and living here is not by my choice! 
My list of challenges keeps growing. Barren land, poor soil, weeds, and now the wind.

Wind that erodes. Lifting the mulch in clumps, up and away...

Depositing in on the lawn...threatening to kill the grass.

Wind that blows so furious,... it over turns wrought iron furniture.

and's even too windy for the birds.

Will I survive the changes and challenges in my life?
....the answer .... is blowing in the wind.

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