Monday, November 8, 2010

Summer into fall

Fall arrived some time ago, but I have been denying it. While I like a visit to the mountains...

And some fall color...

I much prefer the seasons spring and summer. Fall is that brown time of year. That time of the year when the days become shorter, and weather turns cold. 
Then comes winter... the days are even shorter, and the weather is much colder. 
Not my favorite time of the year. 

So.... I have been trying to hold onto summer....

...and my rose bushes have not disappointed me. In October they bloomed profusely! 
But it has been too cold to enjoy them outdoors. So....

 I have been bringing them indoors. But all good things must come to an end. 
On November 6, I snipped these last few blooms of the season. 
Today, ... Monday.... I winterized the rose bushes with some extra mulch, with 
the hope of enjoying more blooms next spring. 

.... In the meanwhile there are still a few geranium blooms on the porch to be enjoyed.


... I wonder how long they will last.

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