Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 in 1 Kousa Dogwood

I waited & waited for leaves to appear, but----  it was not to be.  Sadly, the Kousa Dogwood tree that a local Landscape/Shrubbery business planted in front of the house last fall, did not survive the harsh winter that we had. The good news is that the landscape business was willing to replace it. However, they didn’t have one the same size. They had larger Kousas , but I was afraid that a larger tree would have a problem adapting, and end with the same fate as the first one planted.  I wanted to go smaller. OK, ---but the only small  Kousas  they had were 3 stemmed shrubs.   I did not want a shrub like Kousa. (Yes, I know Kousas are classified as a shrub tree). --- Furthermore, the 3 stems  coming up out of the dirt did not appear to be connected.    So, my choices were:     Plant something different;  Go with the larger Kousa, and pay the difference;   or choose the smaller shrub Kousa, and  select  another tree to make up the difference in pricing.   After looking over what I had to choose from, and a mental debate with myself,  I chose the smaller Kousa, and picked out a Sugar Maple to go with it.    My plan --- whack off  the 2 smallest Kousa stems next spring.         
Decision made --- trees planted--- a month later --- I’m still looking at that Kousa wanting it to be tree like.  I can’t wait till next spring. Patience is not one of my virtues!  But I can’t bring myself  to whack off  2 of the stems.   And I wonder, --- just how connected are they under the surface?  I  had to find out. After a good water soaking, I started to remove the dirt around the smallest stem with my hands. Not connected at all!  I was able to remove it from just under the surface without damaging any tap roots! Quickly, I grabbed  a pot and potting soil, and transferred it. Then I discovered the next smallest stem also was not connected, and I was able to remove and transfer it to a pot, without damage to the root system.  I now have 3 small Kousa dogwood trees!

One remaining  where planted at the front of the house…
And 2 waiting to be planted. 

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