Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Activity

With spring around the corner, and cooperative warm weather, the railing around the porch, and at the steps went up on March 9. We are now awaiting our final, and the 'official' end to our building project. The railing needs to be painted,(black),but I'm waiting for warmer weather to do that. It's warm enough to paint,(above 50 degrees), but I'm waiting for even warmer weather, since it's metal.


I have Spring fever. The warm weather and the outdoors beckon me. Time to plant!

But look at the dirt I have to work with. Red clay dirt! It's requiring lots of conditioning and amending!

My spring bulbs look sparse and puny by most standards, but this time last year there was
nothing but weeds and red clay dirt. I am thankful for the few spring bulbs I was able to plant last fall!

Also ~ since moving in last June, D and I have been empty nesters. Two days before the official start of spring that came to an end.

This past Friday, we moved  L, our middle daughter, in with us. She has gone to college, intern shipped, and worked out of the area for a number of years. But on Monday, she starts a job as a Registered Clinical Dietitian at a area nursing home. She will be staying with us for an undetermined amount of time.  Our empty basement -storage-, bedroom and closets are no longer empty! But I'm not complaining.  It just makes our house feel more like a home.

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